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About Us

The National Council is committed to helping health and human services organizations, state, and local governments, and schools create and sustain trauma-informed systems of care and trauma-informed best practices. We believe we have much to contribute to leadership and the workforce in the area of trauma-informed care and we are glad to be working with you to address this compelling public health issue.

This is only a start of our journey together to raise awareness and improve clinical outcomes for trauma survivors nationwide. We will continue our efforts to educate, encourage and facilitate the change process, not only for members, but also for the communities you serve and the clinicians, peer workers, and auxiliary staff you employ.

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If you would like to read more about our efforts in Trauma-Informed Care, please see our webpage.

 Questions about Trauma-Informed Care? Contact Sharday Lewis, Project Manager, at or 202-684-7457 ext. 234.