Children and Trauma Informed Care

Children and Domestic Violence Fact Sheet Series

  1. How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children? (2013)
  2. Celebrating Your Child’s Strengths (2013)
  3. Before You Talk to Your Children: How Your Feelings Matter (2013)
  4. Listening and Talking to Your Children About Domestic Violence (2013) 
  5. The Importance of Playing with Your Children (2013)
  6. Keeping Your Children Safe and Responding to Their Fears (2013)
  7. Managing Challenging Behavior of Children Living with Domestic Violence (2013)
  8. Where to Turn if You Are Worried About Your Children (2013) 
  9. Helping Your Child Navigate a Relationship with the Abusive Parent (2013)
  10. A Parent’s Self-Care and Self-Reflection (2013) 

Additional Resources


Dr. Nadine Burke Harris offers a ‘TED Talk’ about childhood trauma that reflects on the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the mission to inform and impact our health industry around it, and the success she has reached in one intervention setting in San Francisco. A few excerpts from her talk are below, but watch the whole inspiring presentation here.

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